To provide value added services, we offer the following:

  • Set-up of Finance Organization and job description
    • We assist start-up companies or those that undergo reorganization in establishing Finance Team who will support the management.
  • Business process improvement
    • We can assist the clients in making decisions on automation procedures that will streamline key business processes and improve internal control system to attain operating efficiency that will reduce costs and therefore generate savings and protect company’s assets.
  • Performance metrics
    • People, resources, and systems management are three important elements in the success of the business. FAPC will assist clients in creating performance metrics to ensure synchronization of these elements in attaining the company’s objectives.
  • System change management
    • Have you invested significant amount of money in a new computerized system that supposed to be a powerful system but cannot implement it? System change management is not as simple as it sounds since it requires significant time, effort and support from the users. FAPC can provide support in the system conversion to attain smooth transition from manual or old system to a more promising system.

We offer affordable pricing for our services. To book an appointment to discuss on how we can assist you, feel welcome to contact us.