FAPC offers the following professional tax services using Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) approved Tax Software:

  • Personal Tax (T1 General)
    • Employed Individuals
    • Self-Employed Individuals (Sole Proprietors)
  • Corporate Tax (T2)
  • GST/HST filing and remittances
  • WSIB filing and remittances
  • CRA compliance engagements

To provide you with personalized tax services, we follow these steps:

  1. Conduct initial interview at your convenience to determine your situation.
  2. Answer your inquiries on applicable tax laws.
  3. Adequate documentation of all tax related information to back up tax filing.
  4. Discussion and review of the tax returns prior to CRA filing.
  5. On-time tax filing based on CRA requirements.
  6. Strategic tax planning that applies to your situation.

We offer affordable pricing for our services. In order for us to determine your tax needs, feel welcome to contact us to book an appointment.